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Acid Graffiti Removal

GlassScratchFix by SparkView

Licensed, bonded, and insured.

100% money back guarantee.
You do not have to pay us if we do not fix your glass.

SparkView is keen on following current New York OSHA rules and regulations. SparkView works with SIT (Scaffolding Inspection Tester) for any upgrades or certifications that may need to be performed or acquired. 

We use only eco-friendly cleaning products!

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MTV Glass Scratch Fix

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Our Mission

We are the only Glass Scratch Removal Company with a unique glass restoration process. We have developed our own glass scratch repair system to remove any superficial damage from any type of glass. We are based in New York City. 

To provide commercial buildings with the highest level of service at the most Competitive price, while maintaining customer satisfaction and safety.

GlassScratchFix by Spark View